G3.5 Gas Insert

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G3.5 Gas Insert

With over two decades of design innovation and four generations of Legend gas insert DNA, it is no surprise that the Legend G3.5 exudes radiance, high efficiency and the ultimate in comfort control.

Old wood fireplaces are highly inefficient heaters. Replace yours with a gas insert for an air-sealed, energy-efficient and easy-to-use source of home comfort.

Valor inserts provide peak performance and improved operating efficiencies—saving you energy with AutoFire™.



Model Max Input Min Input Max Output Energuide
700MN 26,000 13,000 20,933 70.00%
700MP 26,000 11,000 20,933 70.00%
700XN/XP 24,000 13,000 17,825 70.40%
Gas Type Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)
Remote Control Quick Guide | Manual
Viewing Area 23 ⅝” w x 15″ h = 354 ⅜”²
Min. Cavity Dimensions 28 ⅞” w x 20 ½” h x 13 ½” d
Wall Control 1265WSK
Safety Features Barrier screen | Learn More
CAD’s Fireplace CAD details.

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