Outdoor Gas Fireplaces in London, Ontario

Elmira Stove Works proudly introduces its latest innovation in outdoor living: our premium Outdoor Gas Fireplaces. Designed for those who cherish the ambience of a warm, inviting flame without the hassle of traditional wood burning, our fireplaces offer a seamless blend of convenience and elegance. Perfect for any outdoor setting, from cozy patios to sprawling gardens, these fireplaces provide a focal point that enhances the beauty and comfort of your outdoor spaces. Imagine the ease of igniting a stunning fire with just the turn of a knob, transforming your evenings into an enchanting experience.

Our Outdoor Gas Fireplaces are crafted with the highest quality materials and advanced technology to ensure durability and performance in all weather conditions. The sleek, modern designs are customizable to fit your unique style and outdoor décor, making it possible to enjoy the allure of a real flame fire with the cleanliness and efficiency gas provides. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply enjoying a peaceful night under the stars, our fireplaces create the perfect ambiance for any occasion, offering warmth and light that extends your living space into the great outdoors.

Elmira Stove Works understands the value of time spent with family and friends in the comfort of your backyard. That’s why our Outdoor Gas Fireplaces are designed for ease of use and low maintenance, allowing you more time to relax and enjoy the moments that matter most. With features such as adjustable flame height and remote control operation, you can create the perfect setting for any event or mood. Our energy-efficient models not only provide significant heat output but also ensure that your outdoor gatherings can continue into the cooler months, making every season an opportunity for outdoor enjoyment.

We invite you to explore the exceptional beauty and functionality of Elmira Stove Works’ Outdoor Gas Fireplaces. Experience the difference that a high-quality, beautifully designed gas fireplace can make in your outdoor living space. Visit our showroom or contact us today to learn more about how we can help enhance your outdoor areas with the warmth, convenience, and style of an Elmira gas fireplace. Let us help you extend your home’s hospitality into the great outdoors, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Outdoor Gas Fireplace Brands

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Why Choose an Outdoor Gas Fireplace?

Convenience and Ease of Use

Outdoor gas fireplaces offer unmatched convenience. With the simple turn of a knob, you can ignite a steady, controlled flame without the need for gathering wood, dealing with smoke, or cleaning up ash. This ease of use extends to extinguishing the fire, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Consistent and Adjustable Heat Output

Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, outdoor gas fireplaces provide consistent and adjustable heat. This means you can set the flame to produce the exact amount of warmth needed for comfort, making it perfect for entertaining outdoors in various weather conditions.

Low Maintenance and Clean Burning

Gas fireplaces are known for their low maintenance requirements. They burn cleanly, producing far fewer emissions than their wood-burning counterparts. There’s no need to regularly clean out ash and soot, making them an environmentally friendly and convenient option for outdoor heating

Style and Ambiance

Outdoor gas fireplaces come in a variety of styles and designs, making it easy to find one that complements your outdoor living space. They add a focal point to your backyard or patio, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance that enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.

Increased Property Value and Appeal

Installing an outdoor gas fireplace can increase the value and appeal of your property. It not only adds a luxurious touch but also expands your living space to the outdoors, making your home more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell.

Safety Features

Gas fireplaces are equipped with safety features such as automatic shut-off valves and oxygen depletion sensors, minimizing the risk of accidents. Unlike wood fires, there’s no risk of flying sparks or embers that could potentially cause a fire hazard, making them a safer option for families and pets.

Elmira Stoveworks Outdoor Gas Fireplaces Promotions

This March, Elmira Stoveworks is excited to announce an exclusive offer that will warm up your savings as much as our fireplaces warm your home! During our “We Pay the Tax Sale,” we’re offering an incredible deal on all in-stock units. That’s right — when you purchase any in-stock fireplace this month, we’ll cover the tax for you. It’s the perfect opportunity to enhance your living space with the warmth, comfort, and style of an Elmira Stoveworks fireplace without the extra cost of taxes. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to save significantly on your next fireplace purchase. Visit us today and let us help you find the perfect centerpiece for your home, tax-free!

Outdoor Gas Fireplace Sales and Installation Process at Elmira Stoveworks

Scheduling an Appointment

The first step involves reaching out to Elmira Stoveworks to schedule an appointment. This can be done through our website, via phone, or by visiting our showroom. During this initial contact, we’ll gather some basic information about your outdoor space and what you’re looking for in an outdoor gas fireplace. This helps us prepare for the next step in the process.

In-home or In-store Consultation

Based on your preference, we can conduct a consultation either in the comfort of your home or at our showroom. An in-home consultation allows us to assess your outdoor space directly, providing tailored advice on the best fireplace options for your setup. Alternatively, an in-store consultation offers the opportunity to view different models and designs firsthand, helping you visualize how each might complement your outdoor living area.

Outdoor Gas Fireplace Installation

Once you’ve selected the perfect outdoor gas fireplace for your home, we’ll schedule the installation. Our team of certified professionals will handle the entire installation process, ensuring your new fireplace is safely and efficiently integrated into your outdoor space. We’ll manage everything from securing any necessary permits to the final testing of the fireplace, all while minimizing disruption to your daily routine.

Annual Outdoor Gas Fireplace Maintenance (Optional)

To ensure your outdoor gas fireplace continues to operate safely and efficiently, Elmira Stoveworks offers optional annual maintenance services. This maintenance includes inspecting the gas lines, cleaning the burner and control compartment, and checking for any wear and tear. Regular maintenance not only prolongs the life of your fireplace but also ensures it remains a safe, enjoyable part of your outdoor living space for years to come.

Outdoor Gas Fireplace Warranties from Elmira Stoveworks

Elmira Stoveworks is committed to providing not only top-quality fireplaces but also peace of mind with every purchase. Our products come with a range of warranties, tailored to each specific unit, ensuring that your investment is protected. Beyond the product itself, we stand firmly behind our craftsmanship. Every installation we undertake is backed by a robust warranty/guarantee, reflecting our confidence in our workmanship and dedication to your satisfaction. This dual layer of assurance—covering both the product and our installation services—means you can enjoy your Elmira Stoveworks fireplace with the confidence that we’re here to support you, every step of the way.

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Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Valor Logo
Modern gas fireplace with a clean black frame and lively flames, set in a room with a gray brick wall and a partial view of a white sofa.

H6 Gas Fireplace

Structured as a large format fireplace, the H6 is inspired by features that are proven in the field.

Gas fireplace with a black border and herringbone patterned interior, flanked by stone tiles and a wooden mantel, creating a cozy and rustic ambiance.

H5 Gas Fireplace

The H5 Series is a diverse fireplace that blends distinct, high-quality materials with the latest in radiant and convective heat technology.

Gas fireplace with a dark bronze frame, displaying a warm flame set against a backdrop of rustic stacked stone, creating a cozy atmosphere.

H4 Gas Fireplace

Designed as a four-sided version of the Horizon fireplace, the H4 series eliminates the need for a traditional hearth in your living space.

Contemporary gas fireplace with a stainless steel trim and herringbone brick interior, set against a light textured wall, offering a modern look with a traditional twist.

H3 Gas Fireplace

The H3 offers a slim engine design that is engineered for new construction installs, or the growing trend to remove and replace outdated gas fireplaces.

Alt text: "Gas fireplace with a herringbone pattern surround and a black frame, featuring realistic flames over logs, set in a well-lit living space with hardwood floors.

Horizon Gas Fireplace

The Horizon engine features a range of installation opportunities in both top and rear vent applications.

Traditional cast iron gas fireplace insert with arch design and visible flames, against a white brick wall, with a vintage suitcase to the side.

Portrait Gas Fireplace

The Valor Portrait Series offers a diverse collection of adaptive fireplace fronts complementing both traditional and contemporary room settings.

Long, linear gas fireplace set into a rich wooden wall, offering a sleek and warm focal point in a modern living space, with a glimpse of a coffee cup on a table in the foreground.

L3 Linear Gas Fireplace

The L3 Linear Series is our largest linear fireplace.

Sleek linear gas fireplace with a long horizontal design, set within a light and dark tile surround, offering a warm ambiance in a modern setting.

L2 Linear Gas Fireplace

A bold statement in any living space, the L2 is a luxury fireplace design at its finest.

Modern see-through gas fireplace with a minimalist black frame and natural log set, adding elegance to a light-toned contemporary room.

L1 See-Thru Gas Fireplace

A seamless transition between architectural spaces, the L1 See-Thru boasts the same widescreen proportions as the highly successful L1 Series.

A modern linear gas fireplace with a wide rectangular viewing area, set in a beige wall, providing a warm and elegant focal point in the room.

L1 Linear Gas Fireplace

A highly effective radiant and convective heater, the L1 raises the standards for “decorative widescreen” fireplaces.

Outdoor gas fire table with a rectangular design and glass wind guard, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere on a patio setting.

Plateau® PTO30CFT Outdoor Firetable

Regency’s versatile firetables are perfect for outdoor entertaining. The sleek linear style of the Regency Plateau Coffee Table creates the perfect gathering space.

Contemporary outdoor gas fireplace with a wide view, framed by a stainless steel border, set against a textured dark stone wall.

Horizon® HZO42 Outdoor Gas Fireplace

The success of the Regency Horizon series can now be extended to outdoor living areas.

Extravagant long outdoor gas fireplace built into a smooth wall, providing a luxurious and inviting ambiance for an outdoor living space.

Horizon® HZO60 Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Let Regency’s 60 inch outdoor fireplace extend your living space into the outdoors and add to the enjoyment of your patio or backyard.

Outdoor stone fireplace with an open flame feature on a patio, providing a cozy ambiance for an outdoor seating area.

Plateau® PTO30 Outdoor Gas Burner

The Regency Plateau Outdoor Burner brings you the design versatility of a linear stainless steel burner to any outdoor landscape.

Luxurious outdoor linear gas fireplace enhancing the ambiance of a poolside area at dusk, with a modern home in the background.

Plateau® PTO50 Outdoor Gas Burner

Create a dramatic focal point and enjoy the outdoors later into the night or into the Spring or Fall with our larger Plateau Outdoor Burner.

Outdoor fire bowl on a pedestal, with lively flames providing warmth and visual appeal in a garden setting, overlooking a grassy area and a fence.

HPC® Custom Fire Pit Options

At HPC, we know how to make an evening. We offer unlimited options to create an unforgettable backyard experience. Our commercial-grade gas fire pit inserts and enclosures are manufactured to a higher standard, with CSA-certified technology.