Wood Stoves

Vista Wood Stove

The Vista is a high-performance woodstove engineered for powerful heat output and ease of use.

Vista Classic Wood Stove

Combines the features and performance of the Vista with the timeless beauty of porcelain enamel.

Super 27 LE Wood Stove

Easy to light, easy to operate, and easy to maintain –the Super 27 LE is Pacific Energy’s most popular stove.

Super Classic LE Wood Stove

Enjoy all the outstanding features, high efficiency, and long burn time of the Super but with porcelain enamel.

Summit LE Wood Stove

Keep large spaces warm and comfortable with the efficient and durable Summit woodstove.

Summit Classic LE Wood Stove

Enjoy the impressive performance and outstanding features of the Summit but with porcelain enamel.

NEO 1.2 Wood Stove

The Neo 1.2 delivers large heat output on a small scale.

NEO 1.6 Wood Stove

The NEO 1.6 makes a bold statement with it’s tall profile for easy loading, line-of-sight view of the flame, and modern design.

NEO 2.5 Wood Stove

NEO 2.5 offers elegant, modern lines and a larger 2.5 cubic foot firebox for higher heat output.

NEOSTONE 1.6 Wood Stove

Introducing the NEOSTONE 1.6 – our highly efficient NEO 1.6 engine elegantly wrapped in natural soapstone.

NEOSTONE 2.5 Wood Stove

Powerful performance and natural beauty, introducing the NEOSTONE 2.5 for medium to large spaces.

Alderlea 1.2 Cast-Iron Wood Stove

The Alderlea 1.2 takes the tradition of cast iron charm and wraps it over a highly efficient 1.2 cubic foot steel firebox.

Alderlea 1.2 Classic Wood Stove

The Alderlea 1.2 Classic takes the tradition of cast iron charm and wraps it over a highly efficient 1.2 cubic foot steel firebox.

Alderlea T4 Cast-Iron Wood Stove

The T4 incorporates all the features of a true Alderlea woodstove. It’s a powerful, reliable source of heat.

Alderlea T4 Classic Wood Stove

The timeless beauty of the cast iron T4 , with the added grace of porcelain enamel.

Alderlea T5 LE Wood Stove

It’s an easy-to-light, easy-to use, long-burning wood heater with old world charm and unmatched durability.

Alderlea T5 Classic LE Wood Stove

The timeless beauty of cast iron with the added grace of porcelain enamel.

Alderlea T6 LE Wood Stove

The largest Alderlea woodstove, the T6 LE is the solution for keeping large spaces warm and comfortable, even through long winter nights.

Cascades™ F1500 Wood Stove

The Regency Cascades F1500 is a highly-efficient heater, in a compact body that does not disappoint.

Classic™ 1100 Wood Stove

A perfect fit for smaller rooms providing heat that is controlled with the easy to use, single draft rod.

Hampton® H200 Wood Stove

A beautiful combination of soft lines and delicate textures make this cast iron stove the perfect artistic backdrop for a roaring fire.

Cascades™ F2500 Wood Stove

The Regency Cascades F2500 wood stove is the perfect stove for most spaces.

Hampton® H300 Wood Stove

This large Hampton Wood Stove provides high efficiency heat to ensure warmth & comfort even when the power is out.

Classic™ F2400 Wood Stove

The F2400 sets the standard for the industry’s most reliable, well constructed wood stove.

Classic™ S2400 Wood Stove

The special design of the Step Top Classic provides a convenient and generous cooktop surface to prepare meals on even during power outages.

Classic™ F3100 Wood Stove

An impressive wood stove providing and amazing wide fire view and up to 80,000 BTU, capable of heating an entire home.

Pro-Series F3500 Wood Stove

Enjoy a full, roaring fire with strong heat or lower heat and gorgeous glowing embers.

Pro-Series F5100 Wood Stove

One of the most environmentally friendly and highly efficient wood stoves, available anywhere.

Nectre Big Bakers Oven

The Nectre Big Bakers Oven is a powerful radiant wood heater that can warm around 180m2 of living area.

Nectre Bakers Oven

The Nectre Bakers Oven is beautifully compact but yet powerful enough to heat around 90m2 of living area.

The Stûv 30

The first stove in the Stûv 30 series to offer three modes of operation, it provides exceptional efficiency, perfect for large areas.

The Stûv 30-Compact

Created specially for today’s houses, its smaller combustion chamber maintains a comfortable temperature for a smaller and very well insulated area.

The Stûv 30-Compact H

The Stûv 30-compact H can be fitted with an accumulator unit which stores part of the heat produced by the combustion of wood.

The Stûv 16 Cube & H

See nothing but the flames!

TN10 Wood Stove

Engineered with an entry-level tube combustion system, this little performer is a great choice for small spaces requiring shorter burn times.

TN20 Wood Stove

The TN20 features entry-level tubes as part of the combustion system, offering a cost effective solution for the price-minded wood burner.