P3 Pellet Stove

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European designed cast iron accents. Large capacity pellet hopper. Heavy duty welded heat exchanger. New “Comfort Level” system with internal thermostat. P3 Side Panel Kit w/ Ash Pan Lip Painted Black.


  • Panel Set (Liner)
  • P3 Side Panel Kit w/ Ash Pan Lip
    Painted Black
  • 25 ft Room Temp. Extension Probe



Heating Area: 1,200 ft²
Max Input BTU: 30,000
Efficiency**: 80%
Glass Size: 935” W x 14″ H
Convection Fan: 130 CFM
EPA Emissions: 0.54 gms
Hopper Capacity: 62 lbs
Unit Dims*: 21” W x 34” H x 24” D


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