Regency® Ultimate™ U38 Gas Stove

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The clean, modern lines of the Ultimate gas stove wrap around its extraordinary fire.  This fire provides 40,000 BTU of high efficiency heat for large living areas but can be turned down to enjoy the fire view with less warmth. Replace your old wood stove, install the U38 into your existing masonry fireplace and warm up your home as you lower heating bills.


U38 Freestanding Gas Stove Key Features:

  • Beautiful fire with logs and glowing embers
  • B-Vent
  • Proflame 2 Remote Control
  • Operates on natural gas or propane


Energy Specifications NG LP
Maximum BTUs/hrinfo 40,000 38,000
Turn Down BTU 21,000 20,000
Efficiency 67.17% 67.89%
EnerGuide Rating 58.37% 60.03%
Unit Dimensions IN
Width (front) 26 in.
Height 30 in.
Depth 17 5/8 in.

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